We researched several websites that showed testimonials from past students and found some pretty powerful testimonials from CNPR Grads.  We have attached below some of the few we found:

“Overall getting my CNPR and then eventually getting into my pharmaceutical sales job was a wonderful experience. It was probably the most interesting book I studied since school. I truly thanked the association for all the help and support. When interviewing I quickly realized how many Pharmaceutical Co. employers look for industry knowledge, clinical training and pharmaceutical education from entry level pharmaceutical sales candidates. You really need to show the companies in the interview that you bring value to them as they look to grow their sales forces. They truly need qualified sales applicants who also have some knowledge of pharmacology and the medical industry. Overall, if you show passion and persistence in all stages of the interview process, you’ll be one step closer to getting a pharmaceutical sales job.”

Justin H.

“I wanted to post a review here after the association mentioned to me that they were getting some weird reviews here on this site. That is terrible what competitors are trying to do to this credible trade group. I wanted to share how valuable the CNPR was for me in getting my career started in Pharmaceutical Sales. When starting my job search for Pharmaceutical Sales I was just astonished on how many employers ask for this certification. The CNPR was noted in my interview with Ashfield while making the difference in getting my first job in the industry. My daily responsibility as a Pharmaceutical Rep is to educate physicians about why our products can help their patients through proven clinical data. My physician clients are busy so I have to get it out fast. The CNPR also trained me on the pharmaceutical industry selling guidelines and regulations which is so vital. I would recommend the CNPR to anyone. It is sad for me to hear that others are defaming this well recognized and essential industry credential.”

Stephanie A.

“I did the CNPR program which was great and the information in the course was actually very interesting. Coming from a medical background I appreciate the information it was a lot of reviewing but also a lot of new information. I am about to start a new career soon in Pharmaceutical Sales because of my CNPR. I have recommended this to a buddy of mine as well.”

Alan M.

“I recently was offered and accepted a position with a small pharma company promoting a veterinary canine cancer treatment. They were very impressed with my biology background as well as my basic knowledge of the pharmaceutical R&D, promotion, and sales process. Without my CNPR course I would not have been able to sound nearly as qualified and knowledgeable during the interview process. I believe having the CNPR certification and pharma industry knowledge definitely helped me get hired to my first pharma sales position. Thank you NAPSR!”

Kirk M.

“The manual was very informative and helpful with all the information necessary to pass the exam. Being able to study on my own time and take the time to fully comprehend the manual. I love working in the pharmaceutical industry as a Sales Rep. I really feel like I am making a difference. I am glad I obtained my CNPR.”

Brenda P.

"It is a must have to enter into a pharmaceutical sales career."

Brad K.

Final Assessment 

What is a professional certificate?

A professional certificate is a credential provided to an individual after the completion of a standardized certification course and exam. This certificate provides evidence to potential employers that the individual has a quantifiable understanding of their field of work. These certificates are especially important if your career path doesn't require a degree. With a certificate, you can demonstrate that you are a trained professional in your field and hold important hard skills to potential employers.

How to decide if the CNPR Certification is worth it for your career

One of the quickest ways to stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs is to acquire certifications that highlight your area of expertise and add value to your education or experience level.

Which certifications are the most valuable to employers?

There are so many certification courses available both through colleges and as stand-alone courses online that it can be hard to figure out which of these certifications actually matter to potential employers. In general, you should look for certificate programs that are offered directly from their industry groups or that have an industry-wide standard.

CNPR Certification Reviews Press Release Blogs

CNN Money Names Pharmaceutical Sales One of the Best Jobs in America! CNPR Trains These Individuals With a median pay of 105k, many individuals agree that pharmaceutical sales is one of the best fields to be in. CNN Money agrees, naming it one of the top 100 jobs in America. Companies need pharmaceutical sales representatives, the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps can help!


Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Take the CNPR Certification to Qualify for New Positions!
The Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) program is designed for those trying to break into the pharmaceutical sales industry.


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