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CNN Money Names Pharmaceutical Sales One of the Best Jobs in America! NAPSR Trains These Individuals 

With a median pay of 105k, many individuals agree that pharmaceutical sales is one of the best fields to be in. CNN Money agrees, naming it one of the top 100 jobs in America. Companies need pharmaceutical sales representatives, the NAPSRx can help! WASHINGTON – November 2023 -  PRLog -- CNN Money, a world wide leader in finance and investments team up once a year with, and announce the top 100 jobs in America. For 3 years in a row pharmaceutical sales has been in this list, and its no surprise to those in the field.

Pharmaceutical sales can be extremely lucrative as well as financially rewarding and the pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly as new drugs are being brought to market. Drug sales are expected to rise 6% annually through 2016 because of the aging baby boomers, increased access to drugs through Medicare Part D program and the rising use of biotech and other products. The NAPRx® administers the CNPR® Certification for the pharmaceutical industry which educates individuals and qualifies candidates who are seeking a career in pharmaceutical sales.

Candidates looking to break into the Pharmaceutical Sales industry can do so by acquiring a CNPR certificate by the NAPSRx. Upon successful completion of the training each student will receive the Certification Mark of the CNPR®. The CNPR® represents a level of industry achievement and a demonstrated knowledge of pharmacology, medical terminology, pharmaceutical selling guidelines, physician selling techniques and industry standards. Pharmaceutical sales candidates who have this training will differentiate themselves from other individuals looking for open positions. CNPR® graduates should immediately utilize the NAPSRx® Career Center to apply for pharmaceutical sales positions.

When pharmaceutical companies look at applicants who have no experience as a pharmaceutical sales rep they look for a combination of sales ability/experience and medical/pharmacology education. It is important to include both types of skills on your resume. The CNPR Certification program was designed to provide aspiring pharmaceutical sales vocational skills that pharmaceutical employers seek. The program provides training in clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical selling rules, regulations, drug distribution channels, therapeutic drug classes, pharmacokinetics, etc. A pharmaceutical sales rep cannot successfully sell to physicians without having strong pharmacology/medical knowledge.

For more information regarding breaking into pharmaceutical sales, please contact the National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives directly at 800-672-9104

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